I’m Self-Dilustional


I was gonna title this post “I’m a Liar,” but I didn’t think that was entirely correct.  I mean, I say I am going to post more often and I fully intend to when I write it, but then I just don’t as the time goes along.  Honestly, I rarely think about posting WHEN I AM AVAILABLE TO DO SO.  Meaning, I’ll be far away from a computer and I’ll think of something that would be great to blog about, but then I forget about it when I get back to the house. 

Imagine the things I could have documented here. Le Sigh.

Oh well.  I don’t particularly have a reason for posting right now, other than I haven’t in a long while and I am actually signed in.

So, what’s been going on with me?

I’ve been reading like a crazy lunatic (I do think about posting reviews of the books I read, but just don’t get around to it). I read all kinds of books lately, but I’ve also been really paying attention to the Goodreads First Reads giveaways and I’ve gotten like four free books from that! YAY, cause you know with the economy things are pretty tight, buying even the cheapest e-books have become a non-option. I have read a couple of Christian Fiction books and I was supposed to get a non-fiction biography on Louisa May Alcott (which unfortunately I have yet to receive as of today) and so far my favorite has been “A Fractured Light” by Davies.  I’d read her first book, “A Beautiful Dark” at the library, so when I saw the giveaway I was TOO excited.


And then I won.


And then I got it.

And then I read it: WOW.

I haven’t even done a full review of it yet because I am still speechless about how good it is! It is the second of a trilogy…and I REALLY WANT TO READ THE LAST ONE!


Ok I am out of time, and so fare thee well my blog- til we meet again!


Moving into Elections


Well, perhaps now that we are out (basically) of primary season, I’ll start posting more often things I want to keep track of for the convention and the general.

We are gonna start with this, because (lets face it) this guy knows what he is talking about.  No matter that conservative pundits, citizen reporters, and pretty much every American feeling the squeeze in the pockets and on their liberty these past few years have been saying these things– THIS guy… he was the guy who seconded the nomination of Barack Obama at the DNC National Convention for the 2008 Presidential race.

THIS GUY is leaving the DNC…one of many public office holders across the country who have been making the move since the start of the Obama Administration.


LOOK!! Three Months


Yeah I was a little bit on a roll with the posting back in the middle of the summer, but then the Hubbs came back from Iraq and I finished up school and baby showers, etc etc.


I’m sure you all know how that goes.  SOO now its October and we are coming up on the birthday month here in November.  You know what that means! I had over hundreds of dollars to the state for the privilege of owning my own vehicles.  woot woot.

Anyway, I would say nothing has really been going on, cause then I would be lying.  It is just getting to those things on a blog that kinda may be my problemo.


In passing news though, with Sarah Palin saying that she is not going to be running for president this particular election cycle- I now have to seriously look at the candidates who haven’t made it onto my “Absolutely will not vote for List” (Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Gary Johnson to name just a few), especially since the RPOF (Fl) has jacked up the primaries into January.  Ergh.  I’ll think about posting about my impressions on things…but don’t hold your breath, Folks.



Look…Two Days


So I figure the best way I am going to get into a semi-regular posting routine is to try and post at least once a day.  I read somewhere a long time ago that it take 11 days to create a habit, so this is day 2 of 11 and we’ll see just how well that little saying works out.

So yesterday I asked some friends here in the interwebz what I should blog about- specific subject wise.  Crafting got pulled out and so I’ll try and post stuff about it.  I do a limited range of things…mostly crochet, but knitting, sewing, some embroidery, etc.  I am looking into teaching myself about gardening because I went to the grocery store yesterday and produce was NUTS!  I tend to kill things so I think that maybe I should probably read up on the whats and what-for’s before I even break ground.  If any of you have any good books to start out with then I’d appreciate it.  Advice too.   We have a huge back yard, but we rent the house so I can only reasonably use a small strip instead of a full garden.

Maybe I’ll make a category “In the House” or “Home Goods” or something like that with some sub-cats like “garden” “yarn” etc.

Humm… now there is an idea.

Searching for Fodder


So, now I don’t have homework or schoolwork to keep me busy- so maybe now I can blog some?  Who knows? But the question is still…what to blog about?


Right now, I am still not sure but if I keep typing then maybe I shall stumble upon it.


I am reading “Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy” and I do have thoughts about it that I am leaving to marinate in the brain.  I think I’ll make a few posts about that in the future…when I am done reading the book.


I’d recommend it to anyone

The Tweet


So, I don’t post over here too often. Mainly because a blog carries with it a sense of obligation.  A sense that you cannot just write a couple of sentences and deem it worthy of someone else’s time. The sense that I HAVE to write something longer than a paragraph (which could be the reason why I tend to ramble).  I don’t tweet much but I do tweet more often than I blog at this point- so here is a heads up that my sidebar contains my tweets.

I like to think I am pithy and informative.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that I am, but sometimes you just have to say “something”.  So for all (read: one or two who occasionally stumble upon this page by complete accident) who read this make sure to check the sidebar to see what has been recently on my mind 😉

Only a Bit Over


So I am just saying that….LOOK AT ME!  I have another post going up and its only been a bit over a month since my last post!  I must say, that has got to be an improvement since the post previous to that was back in October of last year.

It’s baby steps people!

Anyway, for me a whole lot of nothing is going on.

Not at this moment anyway.  I am sitting here suffering from a busted rib and no idea how it got to be that way.  Just woke up on Thursday morning and it was hurtin soo bad.  The doc asked if someone had hit me or if I had been sleeping on a stack of logs.

Maybe this means that its time for us to get a new mattress? Body giving subtle hints?  My shoulder is still aching from tearing the cuff a few months back and it is acting up a bit.  Sigh.  I’d like a new body now if I can’t get a new mattress.

Somehow I am not thinking either one of those is going to be possible.  Maybe I can save enough so we can get a new mattress for our anniversary…and my birthday all combined (seeing as its only a couple days different). I could throw in my sister’s anniversary too since it is the day after ours.  I wonder how my sister would like that?

Who am I kidding?  There are too many babies being born this year for me to believe that I am going to be able to save enough.  I would say I was being an optimist but I am more of a realist and to state otherwise would be lying to myself.

Ok, enough rambling. I have to actually attempt to get something done today– besides typing and playing Angry Birds