Only a Bit Over


So I am just saying that….LOOK AT ME!  I have another post going up and its only been a bit over a month since my last post!  I must say, that has got to be an improvement since the post previous to that was back in October of last year.

It’s baby steps people!

Anyway, for me a whole lot of nothing is going on.

Not at this moment anyway.  I am sitting here suffering from a busted rib and no idea how it got to be that way.  Just woke up on Thursday morning and it was hurtin soo bad.  The doc asked if someone had hit me or if I had been sleeping on a stack of logs.

Maybe this means that its time for us to get a new mattress? Body giving subtle hints?  My shoulder is still aching from tearing the cuff a few months back and it is acting up a bit.  Sigh.  I’d like a new body now if I can’t get a new mattress.

Somehow I am not thinking either one of those is going to be possible.  Maybe I can save enough so we can get a new mattress for our anniversary…and my birthday all combined (seeing as its only a couple days different). I could throw in my sister’s anniversary too since it is the day after ours.  I wonder how my sister would like that?

Who am I kidding?  There are too many babies being born this year for me to believe that I am going to be able to save enough.  I would say I was being an optimist but I am more of a realist and to state otherwise would be lying to myself.

Ok, enough rambling. I have to actually attempt to get something done today– besides typing and playing Angry Birds


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