LOOK!! Three Months


Yeah I was a little bit on a roll with the posting back in the middle of the summer, but then the Hubbs came back from Iraq and I finished up school and baby showers, etc etc.


I’m sure you all know how that goes.  SOO now its October and we are coming up on the birthday month here in November.  You know what that means! I had over hundreds of dollars to the state for the privilege of owning my own vehicles.  woot woot.

Anyway, I would say nothing has really been going on, cause then I would be lying.  It is just getting to those things on a blog that kinda may be my problemo.


In passing news though, with Sarah Palin saying that she is not going to be running for president this particular election cycle- I now have to seriously look at the candidates who haven’t made it onto my “Absolutely will not vote for List” (Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Gary Johnson to name just a few), especially since the RPOF (Fl) has jacked up the primaries into January.  Ergh.  I’ll think about posting about my impressions on things…but don’t hold your breath, Folks.




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