I’m Self-Dilustional


I was gonna title this post “I’m a Liar,” but I didn’t think that was entirely correct.  I mean, I say I am going to post more often and I fully intend to when I write it, but then I just don’t as the time goes along.  Honestly, I rarely think about posting WHEN I AM AVAILABLE TO DO SO.  Meaning, I’ll be far away from a computer and I’ll think of something that would be great to blog about, but then I forget about it when I get back to the house. 

Imagine the things I could have documented here. Le Sigh.

Oh well.  I don’t particularly have a reason for posting right now, other than I haven’t in a long while and I am actually signed in.

So, what’s been going on with me?

I’ve been reading like a crazy lunatic (I do think about posting reviews of the books I read, but just don’t get around to it). I read all kinds of books lately, but I’ve also been really paying attention to the Goodreads First Reads giveaways and I’ve gotten like four free books from that! YAY, cause you know with the economy things are pretty tight, buying even the cheapest e-books have become a non-option. I have read a couple of Christian Fiction books and I was supposed to get a non-fiction biography on Louisa May Alcott (which unfortunately I have yet to receive as of today) and so far my favorite has been “A Fractured Light” by Davies.  I’d read her first book, “A Beautiful Dark” at the library, so when I saw the giveaway I was TOO excited.


And then I won.


And then I got it.

And then I read it: WOW.

I haven’t even done a full review of it yet because I am still speechless about how good it is! It is the second of a trilogy…and I REALLY WANT TO READ THE LAST ONE!


Ok I am out of time, and so fare thee well my blog- til we meet again!


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