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Look…Two Days


So I figure the best way I am going to get into a semi-regular posting routine is to try and post at least once a day.  I read somewhere a long time ago that it take 11 days to create a habit, so this is day 2 of 11 and we’ll see just how well that little saying works out.

So yesterday I asked some friends here in the interwebz what I should blog about- specific subject wise.  Crafting got pulled out and so I’ll try and post stuff about it.  I do a limited range of things…mostly crochet, but knitting, sewing, some embroidery, etc.  I am looking into teaching myself about gardening because I went to the grocery store yesterday and produce was NUTS!  I tend to kill things so I think that maybe I should probably read up on the whats and what-for’s before I even break ground.  If any of you have any good books to start out with then I’d appreciate it.  Advice too.   We have a huge back yard, but we rent the house so I can only reasonably use a small strip instead of a full garden.

Maybe I’ll make a category “In the House” or “Home Goods” or something like that with some sub-cats like “garden” “yarn” etc.

Humm… now there is an idea.