I Really Stink At This


Yeah, its been a long time- something like five months!


I am only posting now cause I thought to myself “Wow, I haven’t posted at all” even though I have no readers. That is beside the point though.  I am alive and there has certainly been quite a few things that have happened in five months but none really life altering for me so no need to go all into it.


Maybe I should get a specific subject to yak about…


Making it Easy…


So, I have now set up the blog here so that I can post but not actually be on the site- though I am not entirely sure how that will motivate me seeing as it really isn’t that big a difference to type in Windows or actually on WordPress.  Maybe me posting this is a good sign?

I don’t know but kudos to Windows Live for making it easier!

Cuts for the Poor, Not Rich


From : http://forums.hannity.com/showthread.php?t=2043401
As the debate about extending the 2003 tax cuts heats up, liberals continue to tell egregious falsehoods about those tax cuts. The two biggest myths are that those tax cuts were mostly “tax cuts for the rich” and that they led to an explosion in the deficit.

Let’s start with the tale that the 2003 tax cuts were mostly for the rich. Here are some facts that anyone can confirm for themselves by consulting the 2000 tax brackets and comparing them with the post-2003-tax-cut brackets:

* The largest rate cuts went to the poor and to the lower middle class. Here are the 2003 tax cuts’ rate reductions for married couples filing jointly with the following incomes, using 2009 tax tables:

$15,000 – 33%
$50,000 – 46%
$110,000 – 19%
$165,000 – 22%
$300,000 – 16.5%
$380,000 – 11.5%

If we use 2004 tax tables, the rate cuts look like this for married couples filing jointly with the indicated incomes–MITR stands for “marginal income tax rate”:

$50,000 – MITR dropped from 28% to 15%, a drop of 47%
$110,000 – MITR dropped from 31% to 25%, a drop of 19.5%
$165,000 – MITR dropped from 36% to 28%, a drop of 22%
$300,000 – MITR dropped from 39.6% to 33%, a drop of 9%
$380,000 – MITR dropped from 39.6% to 35%, a drop of 11.5%

So the top two brackets got the smallest rate reductions, and the bottom two brackets not only got the largest rate reductions, but their rate reductions were about twice as large as those that the top two brackets received.

* The 2003 tax cuts also doubled the child tax credit from $500 to $1,000 (with the phase-out starting at a joint income of $110K) and increased the standard deduction for married couples.

So enough with this myth that the 2003 tax cuts were mostly “tax cuts for the rich.” Quite the opposite: They were mostly tax cuts for the poor and the middle class.

Tax Tables for Year 2000

15% — $0-$43.8K
28% — $43.8K-$105.9K
31% — $105.9K-$161.4K
36% — $161.4K-$288.3K
39.6 — $288.3K+

Tax Tables for Year 2004 (1 year after 2003 tax cuts)

10% — $0-$14.3K
15% — $14.3K-$58.1K
25% — $58.1K-$117.2K
28% — $117.2K-$178.6K
33% — $178.6K-$319.1K)
35% — $319.1K+

Tax Tables for Year 2009

10% — $0-$16K
15% — $16.7K-$67.9K)
25% — $67.9K-$137K
28% — $137K-$208.9K
33% — $208.9K-$372.9K)
35% — $372.9K+

As for the myth that the tax cuts caused the big jump in the deficit:

* Federal revenue increased dramatically after the 2003 tax cuts, going from $1.78 trillion in 2003 to $2.56 trillion in 2007, a whopping increase of $780 billion in just four years (2004 to 2007).

* The rate of revenue growth in the three years after the 2003 tax cuts was greater than the rate of revenue growth during the best three years of the Clinton boom years. From 1998 to 2000, federal revenue rose by $300 billion, an increase of 17%. But, from 2004 to 2006, federal revenue rose by $520 billion, an increase of 27%. (The rate of inflation for the two periods was very similar 2.55% vs. 2.98%.)

* Reckless, runaway federal spending caused the deficit, not the tax cuts.

Suggested Reading:

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River House, St. Augustine, Florida


Okay all you crazy rabid fans…

That was dumb. Let’s just jump into my observation without my illusions  getting any larger than they already are, shall we?

So Monday I drove down to St.Augustine, Florida with my Mother-In-Law, Brother-In-Law and Best Friend to check out a space as a possible place for my husband’s sister’s wedding.  Can I just say that I had forgotten how different the heat is here because of this humidity!  It’s craziness. But back to our tour.  I think that the place is lovely and Melly (the BFF) took the pictures so that I could ask the questions that needed asking. It is beautifully situated on the river with a view of both the St.Augustine Lighthouse and the Bridge of Lyons.  The Ballroom has great space and a great view.

Did I mention the great view?

Ok. I like the view. Anyway, it is also 150 parking spots free right in the heart of Old St. Augustine and available valet parking for the guests.  Even the staging area for the food is gorgeous. It has built in a/v system so everyone who needs to be heard can be heard and anyone who can’t hear can be provided for.


Entry Walk-

Entry Walk

Entry/ Drop-off

Entrance to River House

Entrance to River House


Foyer to Wedding Staging Area

Bridal Suite

Bridal Suite w/ Private Restroom Access

Outdoor Ceremony Chair

Outdoor Ceremony Chairs

Ceremony Set-up Option 1

Ceremony Set up Option 1

Ceremoney Set-Up Option 2

Ceremony Set-up Option 2

Ceremony Set-Up Option 3

Ceremony Set-Up Option 3

Ceremony Set=Up Option 4

Ceremony Set-up Option 4


Library/ Meet-N-Mingle

Library 2

Library 2

Dance Floor

Dance Floor/ Rain Plan Ceremony area

In-door Event Chairs

In-Door Event Chairs

Event Table

Event Table Seats 10


Piano... if you need it

Food Staging

Food Staging Area/Bar

in-house A/V

In house Projection Screen

Dinner Set-Up

Dance Floor Light-house

View From the Dance floor